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The cost of our bio resonance report is no more than you would expect to pay for a routine visit to the vet, but (depending on the symptoms or issue) the scan may provide more detailed and in-depth information, from which we can determine the relevant course of remedy.

The Biofeedback software has an extended database to include frequencies of all disease, viruses’ bacteria’s, parasites, heavy-metals, specific disorders, etc. This database was collected over a period of many years and studies with over 400 dogs and cats.

Dog or Cat

Providing the best alternative care for your four legged best friends.

The scanning device (headset) has a sensor on each side which triggers the brain to pick up frequencies of scanned tissues and organs. The way this works is primarily through the utilisation of neurons traveling down the spine sending instruction signals from the brain which are recorded by the headset.

The frequencies come from the rotation of the atoms in the cells which create these specific frequencies that represent the state of the organ or tissue in real time.

The software decodes these frequency responses and compares them to the recorded frequencies of all pathology, microorganisms, toxins, etc. to specify which are harming the body and which are the most prevalent. 

Small Animal

Currently Works With Dog or Cat
£ 69 45 Minute Scan
  • Send DNA Remotely
  • Detailed Research
  • Meta Therapy
  • Full Health Report
  • Post Scan Therapy

Large Animal

Currently Works With Horse or Donkey
£ 89 1:15 Hour Scan
  • Send DNA Remotely
  • Detailed Research
  • Meta Therapy
  • Full Health Report
  • Post Scan Therapy

Horse or Donkey

Consistent integrated preventive medicine helps keep horses healthy and performing at their best.

Each organ, tissue, and cell in the body has a distinct frequency which is made possible by the rotation of atoms in the cells; humans and animals alike. When instructions are sent to the body from the brain, the spinal cord is used to send those instructions using nerves and other molecular aids.

If the connection between the brain and the spine is intact, Oberon can use the brain to listen in and pick up the information. Bio-electrical activity of brain neurons is amplified so signals which are practically undetectable by statistical fluctuations, can not only be detected but also isolated and decoded.

On-site Scan

A Convenient way to have your pet or animal scanned without the need to send DNA samples through the post.

Although there is nothing distressing about the scan, this is a service many of our clients use as the pet or animal will feel more comfortable in a familiar environment, as well as the convenience of 

The equipment used is small and portable so it can be transported to any location without difficulty.

If you would like to discuss an on-site visit with us please don’t hesitate to get in touch or make an appointment.

On-site Scan

(Max 10 Mile Radius From Our Address)
£ 99 Introductory Price
  • Convenient & Easy
  • Immediate Analyisis
  • Full Health Report
  • Therapy Recommendations
  • Faster Results For You
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